Cursed Princess Club tells the story of a princess, Gwendolyn, who comes across a group of outcasts known as the Cursed Princess Club. His life is changed forever.

Cursed Princess Club by LambCat is a comedy. It revolves around Gwendolyn, a princess with a big heart, who joins the social outcasts, who help her realize that even if she is not “normal”, she can still be a princess like the others.

As a warning, this review discusses some spoilers for Cursed Princess Club!

Gwendolyn, the 16-year-old daughter of the King of the Pastel Kingdom has two sisters (Maria and Lorena) and a brother (Jamie). She and her sisters are excited about the princes of the Plaid Kingdom (Lance, Blaine, and Frederick) whom their father has requested they marry. While Lance and Blaine bond with Maria and Lorena, Frederick does not bond with Gwen. Instead, he calls her “really ugly.” After hearing this inadvertently, she rushes into the haunted forest, wanting to get away from it all. She is frightened by a group of mysterious women and wakes up at the headquarters of the Cursed Princess Club. And the story continues from there.

Cursed Princess Club
The king and his daughters

Cursed Princess Club has compelling characters and storyline. The focus is on identity and acceptance. For example, Gwen is accepted into the Cursed Princess Club (CPC), run by Calpernia, made up of princesses like Nell, Jolie, Syrah, Thermidora, Monika, Abbi, Aurelia, Renée and Safron (male, but part of the club ), with “incurable” curses. Later, it is revealed that one of the CPC members, Nell, is Jolie’s girlfriend.

Outside of the CPC, Gwen’s siblings are kind and caring. In fact, they increase her self-esteem, just like her father, who wants to marry her off. None of them care about her appearance and accept her for who she is.

There’s a funny gag throughout the comic where people continually think that Jamie (Gwen’s brother) is a girl because of his feminine looks and hair, when he’s actually a man. In this way, the comic subverts gender norms and pushes back the idea that girls have to be physically “pretty” to be beautiful, with the idea that people can be loved no matter what they look like. -even is a place for those who do not correspond to the “expectations of society”.

There’s even, in one comic, a ceremony to wake Jamie up with a kiss, but people don’t want to kiss him because he’s “too handsome”, and instead he’s woken up when a waffle falls on his face. The comic is inspired by “Disney fairy tales” and tries to subvert these tropes, that everything is hunky-dory for the princess despite her “curse”.

Cursed Princess Club, has over 100 episodes is written and illustrated by LambCat. In a 2019 interview, LambCat said she came up with the idea for the comic in 2019, loving the idea of ​​”making a comedy centered around fairy tales”, and started imagining a world where Fairy tales weren’t just success stories but there were princesses who weren’t “able to lift their curse successfully” or weren’t saved, creating their own happily ever after.

LambCat also said that Gwen plays on the trope of a female protagonist being ignored or ridiculed for her looks, but becomes beloved by all when she becomes “conventionally attractive”, with the character meant to remind people that “the outward appearance is only a small fraction of what makes someone adorable. She noted that Gwen’s siblings were meant to look like “very stereotypical shoujo anime girls from the 90s”. , she added that she was happy that people sympathized with Frederick, who grew as a character during the comic. Lambcat also said that she had hired new art assistants to help her and said that the future comic strip would be in “4 acts” like most fairy tales.

Unlike many other comics, Cursed Princess Club has music that accompanies each issue of the webcomic. LambCat said she added music because she felt it “brought extra life to the story.” It’s amazing that this is LambCat’s first foray into comics, releasing over 100 titles with the comic to date! It’s also thanks to the art assistants, who allow for more comic panels for each episode, and its editor, Eunice Baik. She further stated that she hopes the comic will inspire people who are “worried that their art isn’t good enough to make a comic.”

Cursed Princess Club
Gwen and the CPC

Cursed Princess Club is available to read on Line Webtoon. It can be supported on Patreon.

You can find LambCat at Twitter and Instagram.

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Author: Burkely Hermann

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