Alex, Mira and Cherry in the front row, Robbyn in the back

Mira! tells the story of Mira, a freshman, who meets the three young women with whom she shares her room. Their lives intertwine in this cute and wholesome webcomic.

Mira!, by illustrator Amaiiuwu, has female-centric friendships, with the four leads, Miranda “Mira” Glaze, Robbyn Stable, Alexandra “Alex” Rojas, and Sakura “Cherry” Kinoshita learning more about themselves and love along the way. This lighthearted slice-of-life girl love series, as you might call it, which will be around 30 chapters in length, begins when Haruka’s girlfriend breaks up with her and her friend Robbyn tells her to start loving herself.

Five years later, Mira enters a university and meets Alex. Mira studies graphic design while Alex studies game design. She goes to class and meets a pretty girl in her design class. She discovers that the girl is Robbyn, her childhood friend. Mira learns that Alex is also in the same dorm, as is Cherry. Mira leads their introductions, Cherry being surprised that they are all wlw (women love women), Mira and Robbyn forgetting that this is a WLW dorm. This reminds me of my alma mater’s “Open Housing” option, which allows students to “choose their roommates regardless of gender/sex/sexual orientation.”

Mira and Alex start talking

Mira! has a compelling storyline and characters, serving as a form of entertainment and escapism as she puts it. Mira is a 19-year-old woman who is into girls, while Robbyn is 19 and a lesbian. Alex is a 20-year-old sapphic lesbian and Cherry is a half-Japanese lesbian. In the comic’s first Q&A, all four named their preferences and that they’re all studying design of one sort or another. It has also been noted that Alex is attracted to girls and non-binary people, especially the latter who feature women.

The webcomic, which has over 30 episodes, is written and illustrated by Amaiiuwu, who has been drawing seriously for six years. It was recently noted in Q&A that Mira! would be a polyamorous webcomic, which was hinted at in an earlier comic, and an earlier Q&A. As such, this webcomic could be considered the webcomic, Boyfriends, about four young men in a poly relationship, except it would be between four young women. However, in that same Q&A, Amaiiuwu said her favorite ship was Mira and Robbyn, as they were the first two characters she created for the comic. I wish her the best in her animation studies after she graduates from high school, as she said in this Q&A.

Mira! is one of several recent stories to focus on girls’ romances. Comic author Amaiiuwu recommends stories like A story of bread, The end of time, siren lightand I seduced the wicked. While I’ve been reviewing love comics from other girls like Not so shojo love storyand Ice Slaughter, Brahidaliz Martinez, who has written far more webcomic articles than I have, has also reviewed similar comics. This includes Flowers for the Arsonist, Sesame but different, once upon a time, and His name was sunnyto name a few.

Mira and Robbyn in their dorm

Mira! is available to read on WebToon.

You can find Amaiiuwu on Twitter (less active) and Instagram (more active)

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Author: Burkely Hermann

Burkely is a declassified document indexer by day and a fan fic writer by night. He recently earned an MLIS with a concentration in Digital Preservation from the University of Maryland. He currently voraciously watches anime series and reads too many webcomics to rely on Webtoon. He enjoys swimming, hiking and researching his family roots in his spare time.

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