odd worlds tells the story of Melria’s escape from her family as she attempts to save reality herself, and is a succubus at the center of it all.

strange worlds, by Ariann, a Mexican illustrator, is a fantasy drama, which debuted in September this year and currently has over ten episodes. It is written and illustrated by Ariann. Like his other webcomic, bring me love, this webcomic has a review that says it “contains mature themes and situations and is recommended for mature audiences”, which sounds like a standard review for webcomics that Webtoon labels as mature. It made the comic more intriguing, as someone who has written on many mature anime series, from Disenchantment at Interior work. As a warning, this review will contain spoilers for the webcomic’s plot and characters.

The comic begins with Melria telling her boyfriend Ruben that she doesn’t want to be a succubus, but wants to escape. They are captured by her father, Amodeus, who kills Ruben and sentences her to 1,000 years of solitude. Her brother, Lilum, breaks her out, and she follows her own path, into the portal of an apartment of Aegon, a gay man, where she adjusts to a new life in the human world.

odd worlds

odd worlds has fascinating characters and stories, with Melria as a succubus and Aegon as a “weird”, a being who can heal and multiply very quickly. One of the funniest comic book issues to date is when Donna Sharma complains to the author about her coloring, the author only returning her colors to her in the human universe and with minimal shading . She then transforms into a brown-skinned woman with pink and purple hair. I love it when comic book characters break the fourth wall! It’s always fun.

Like his other comic, bring me love, odd worlds has relatively simple designs but unique characters and colors that draw the reader in, making them more invested in the story as it progresses. This style is the strength of the webcomic. The story is in its early stages, but further developments are planned in the future based on a recent roster of characters.

odd worlds is one of many stories to focus on the supernatural but also features a succubus. The Merryweather webcomic My girlfriend succubus, is an example, with other examples including the possible succubus in Penny Dreadful, and Bo, the succubus, in the Canadian live-action series, lost girl. There is also a succubus protagonist in Christian Onu Karishika, a 1996 Nigerian film, which “sows misery on earth”, Verosika Mayday, succubus pop singer, in some episodes of infernal boss, and Morrigan Aensland in the video game, Dark Stalkers.

Some define succubi (singular is succubus) as demons who take on female form to “have sex with men in their sleep” and as demonic lovers who appear in dreams to seduce men into having sex with them. The word appeared in the 14th century. Their male demon counterparts are called Incubi (singular is incubus), who try to impregnate human women, also taking on human form to seduce people. Due to this, the mature content warning on the webcomic makes perfect sense.

The webcomic is filled with LGBTQ characters. In an issue celebrating the comic reaching 1,900 subscribers, Ariann noted that Melria is fluid, pansexual, and demisexual, while Donna is asexual and aromantic. There are also a number of upcoming LGBTQ characters like a 1000-year-old genderfluid and pansexual person (Mlinz), a 19-year-old bisexual man (Sam Yung), and an 18-year-old lesbian (Oriana Beltran). This makes odd worlds similar to other webcomics which have various sets of characters.

odd worlds

In closing, I highly recommend odd worlds and look forward to the continued development of this webcomic (and its story) in the days, weeks and months to come.

odd worlds is available to read on WebToon and Tapas.

You can find Arianne on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The webcomic can be supported on Patreon.

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Author: Burkely Hermann

Burkely is a declassified document indexer by day and a fan fic writer by night. He recently earned an MLIS with a concentration in Digital Preservation from the University of Maryland. He currently voraciously watches anime series and reads too many webcomics to rely on Webtoon. He enjoys swimming, hiking and researching his family roots in his spare time.

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