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I’ve been researching and reading other shorter webcomics for a while now and have compiled enough to share with you. From thought-provoking stories to Queer experiences, these 18 short comics are my top recommended reads.

Between reading webcomics with complex stories that make me want to read the next episode, I browse visual short stories that tell compelling narratives in a limited space. The list below is a mix of realism, fantasy, and non-fiction/memoir. Enjoy!

Mothers of All Kinds by Evelyne Park
Mothers of all kinds

Mothers of All Kinds by Evelyne Park

A short webcomic about a woman’s strained relationship with her mother. There’s no dialogue, but the body language and level of detail says it all. Efficient.

Pain: A Mermaid Tale by Silly Innocence
Bread: A Mermaid’s Tale

Pain: A Mermaid’s Tale by stupid innocence

A short but sweet story about a friendship between a boy and a mermaid during one summer. You can check out more mermaid webcomics here and here.

A sign by Amyra Mahat
A sign

A sign by Amyra Mahat (the creator’s site is not available)

After an accident that left her with hearing loss, Maya adapted to sign language and writing to communicate at work and with her friends. She writes things she shouldn’t do in a “No” list. A story about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone in the face of change.

Once upon a time in Kayomi
Once upon a time

Once upon a time in Kayomi

A witch named Kotoura rescues Princess Yvette from a tower. A cute and adorable lesbian fairy tale.

Our Ohtli by VisualComics
Our Ohtli

Our Ohtli by VisualComics

A short webcomic about five characters going through the journey called life. Ohtli means road in Nahuatl (the Aztec language). These poignant and compelling stories made me want to read the next episode.

Sesame But Different: Finding Poppy by chiapoppy
Sesame but different: In search of Poppy

Sesame But Different: Finding Poppy by chiapoppy

A fictionalized short webcomic derived from the slice of life series, Sesame but different. Every time Poppy declares her love to Chia, she disappears. Chia is sent to an alternate universe each time. Each time, she has to see Poppy again. A well-told story about the different ways and situations in which you find your soul mate.

Inheritance by ihsus

Heirloom by ihsus (the creator’s site is not available)

John wants to make tomato soup for his sick grandfather, so he buys the seeds from the store and plants them at home. A simple but engaging story.

A Fish Dream by HusenWaheed
A fish dream

A Fishy Dream by HusenWaheed (the creator’s site is not available)

A fisherman’s daughter falls asleep and dreams of fishing. This short webcomic contains no dialogue, yet it conveys the message so well through images.

Amelia Harris Mysteries by Savanita
The Mysteries of Amelia Harris

Amelia Harris Mysteries by Savanita

This short story exceeded my expectations. It’s a historical mystery, but it’s so much more than that. Amelia Harris is a complicated character, and I found myself invested in her story until the very end. Locked doors are a great metaphor for trauma and repressed memories.

Also discover the other webcomics of Savanita, The Lord has mercy and good as gold.

STARS: A Short Story by twinkletoes21
STARS: a short story

STARS: a short story by twinkletoes21

At the start of her senior year, Amaris discovers that Kira, her former best friend, is in the same class. Kira does not speak to her, but Amaris hopes one day the opposite. A truly hopeful tale of reconciliation.

A lucky one by Nakimon
A lucky

A lucky one by Nakimon

A Kansas boy runs away from home but finds a reason to come back. This short webcomic is a great example of how to subtly tell a character’s story and/or motivation in a limited space/time.

Free Me by hiyori
Release me

Free Me by Hiyori

The story of a Ninja finding redemption and confidence. An emotional story with great character dynamics.

Check out Hiyori’s other webcomics, Beyond the sight of you and A coffin on the bus.

Bloody Hood by Sfera
bloody hood

Bloody Hood by Sfera

This is Little Red Riding Hood but with an unexpected twist. The creator says it could be expanded, but I personally think the story stands on its own.

Discover Sfera’s other webcomic, pink wind.

65 years old by Designed by Yannan
65 years

65 years old by Designed by Yannan

WebToon short story contest 2020 finalist. A beautiful (true) story about the creator’s grandmother, set in China during the Cultural Revolution.

Discover the creator’s other webcomics, Lilah’s magic shop and The spiritual layer.

RUNNING: a short story by adhsbr
RUNNING: a short story

RUN: A Short Story by adshbr

Gwyn runs away from her problems and prefers not to let anyone know what’s going on. However, the wounds cannot remain invisible forever and he realizes that he deserves love and support. An unexpected gem of a story.

Naturally: A short story by mahotou
Naturally: a short story

Naturally: A short story by mahotou

A student mage tries to study at home, but her younger sister keeps interrupting her. When their argument escalates, the younger sister runs away. A sweet story.

Cors: A Short History of Mari
Cors: a short story

Horns: a short story by Married

When two girls meet for the first time, they grow horns. If they stayed together, their horns would tangle and kill them. But they find a way through it. An evocative story about the persistence of love and how social constraints can damage relationships.

We've Always Been Here by Bonni Rambatan & Reymigius
We’ve always been here

We have always been here by Bonni Rambatan & Reymigius

Probably one of the most amazing comics about the genre I’ve read. I love and appreciate the message it conveys wonderfully. Gender diverse people (non-binary, trans, intersex, agender) have always existed. Being outside the gender binary means more than just identity.

Do you know a good short webcomic? Please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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Author: Brahidaliz Martinez

Brahidaliz (pronounced Bra-da-leez) is a 2019 graduate of American University’s MFA in Creative Writing program. Their cross-genre chapbook, Coquí’s Song, is forthcoming (2023) with Mason Jar Press.

Pronouns: he/they

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